actiTube slim 7mm activated charcoal filters 10 x 50 filters

- quantity : 10 x 50 filters
- material : activated Charcoal
- size : slim 6,9mm x 27mm
- made in Germany

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Thanks to its large surface area, activated carbon is able to absorb large amounts of harmful condensates, which also cools the smoke and allows significantly fewer harmful substances in the respiratory tract. This makes each drag taste pleasantly mild, without impairing the effects.
Our experience and tests have shown that increased filtration always leads to less harm for the lungs, without detracting from the effects. That’s why 
actiTube always completely fills its filters and doesn’t use any coal granulate, but only the highest quality activated carbon in pellet form, with the maximum filtration potential. Of course our activated carbon is free from dust, purified and suitable for vegans.

This product is suitable for all common modes of smoking