Savinelli Pipe Cleaning Kit Con-Dit-Kit Premium

27,00 €

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The box includes:

  • Nikosolvol 18ml
  • Pipe polish 18ml
  • Stem polish
  • Adjustable pipe reamer
  • Pipe cleaners 10 pcs
  • 2 cloth for spreading the products
  • 1 white cloth for polishing

To clean the inside of your pipe, dip a pipe cleaner in the Nikosolvol solution and run it through the stem and shank. 

Pipe Maintenance:

To maintain the bowl, apply the Pipe Polish to the entire briar surface with the white cloth provided. Allow it to dry (do not use cotton balls or other fabrics that can shed lint that can be difficult to remove as the product dries). Then vigorously rub the bowl with the soft white polishing cloth provided, bringing it to a shine.

Vulcanite stem maintenance:

To maintain the outside of vulcanite stem, apply the Stem Polish with the white cloth provided. Use a small quantity, rubbing it out to a thin film. Allow it to dry and polish vigorously with the soft white polishing cloth. 

Acrylic stems do not require any maintenance to maintain their luster and the Stem Polish should not be used on acrylic stems.