KARMA Bee Perforated biodegradable handmade Regular filter tips - 50 booklets

- 100% biodegradable

- 100% handmade in India

- 100% Chemical free

- 100% Natural

- 100% planet Rejuvenating

- perforated

- made from cotton (not wood), Fruit and Vegetable pulp

- Size of the booklet 56 x 22 x 12mm

- 30 or more filters per booklet


Tuote on varastossa

8,76 €


Karma Tips a Range of handmade, biodegradable filters for RYO market ... that grows plants as it degrades. These RYO Filters contain tiny plant seeds that grow into vegetables, herbs, spices and flowers. They sprout in about 14 days and completely biodegrade in nature in just 28 days.

Not Karma filters :
The world is littered with 7 trillion synthetic cigarette butts every year.
These are loaded with nicotine and other toxins.
These take over 200 years to biodegrade
This is the biggest pollutant in the planet today. Plastic bags are a distant second